To produce a corporate film promoting the FIL Ideas platform, which is an internal staff ideation programme.
FIL is a global solution, which allows staff to raise ideas about anything they feel will improve the organisation and also put forward ideas relating to specific challenges. The video needed to appeal to staff primarily in Fidelity offices worldwide, to raise awareness of the FIL Ideas platform and demonstrate the power from global collaboration.

What we did

Our initial response to was to work with the client to get a full understanding of exactly where the film would be used and who the target audience was going to be. This film needed to work as part of a presentation to a large audience and also for individuals who would see the film on internal platforms.
Working with Director Richard Crombie, we put together a creative concept that was more emotive and less corporate. As the film was about ideas driven by people, we based our visual around portraits of Fidelity staff in their workplace actually going through the process of ideation, both individually and in groups.



The Content Arena

Corporate,  Motion Graphics


Richard Crombie


These scenes included discussing ideas with colleagues, writing on glassboards, having quiet time in a meeting room and conferencing. The overall tone was about subtlety driven through creating a mood, rather than a linear set of instructions.
We recced the Fidelity offices and worked with the programme management team to cast a variety of staff from different levels across the business to take part. Filming took place over two days in several locations at one of Fidelity’s offices outside London.

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