Freestylers and Behind the scenes


To produce a TVC for use in football stadiums across Europe, and further edits for distribution on social channels in multiple regions.

What we did

Mobile phone manufacturer Huawei wanted to produce a commercial as part of its sponsorship activation of top-flight football clubs across Europe. The brief stated that the content needed to appeal to football and non-football audiences across many regions and also work socially. Due the number of clubs involved, it couldn’t feature any named players or clubs, so the creative had to be generic. The aim was brand awareness rather than a specific product, but we needed to feature the P9 device somewhere in the film.
With such a wide audience to appeal to, we decided that the concept needed to be simple and eye-catching for the audience who would see the commercial in football stadiums sandwiched between other content. The common denominator was that football sponsorship commercials always feature the sport in some way or form as it is so unifying.


Huawei/ UDG Hamburg

The Content Arena

Social / Branded , Commercial


Tom Paton


The social channels were also important for the brand, so we researched potential influencers in this space. We found a huge area of interest around freestyle football, which is essentially trick shots and very skilled ball control using a football. The numbers are big and one of the biggest YouTube channels is run by the F2 Freestylers, who are two guys who produce, edit and upload regular freestyle content, with every video getting millions of views.


Our concept was to show a series of freestyle trick shots performed across a city culminating in one of the F2’s signature shots, which is kicking a football into a basketball hoop, while on the phone and looking the other way. By using the F2, Huawei also had the opportunity to tap into their social audience. We chose Barcelona as it is a very filmable city with both urban and beach areas, good production support and stable weather.

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes footage

The filming of the Behind The Scenes footage, seen here, was filmed using a Huawei P9 phone

The Finished Ad


the finished ad recieved over 1/2 million youtube views

The commercial was directed and edited by Tom Paton and the sound designer was Peter Rolls. We licensed a piece of production music to which we added a subtle ‘Huawei’ chant to reinforce the football feel. The main edit was a 60” cut for social channels and longer breaks, and then a 30” for standard breaks at football stadiums.

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