To produce a film for Nissan’s YouTube channel featuring the one-off ‘Leaf-Cutaway’ concept vehicle.

What we did

The ‘Leaf-Cutaway’ was a standard production ‘Leaf’ which Nissan had cut in half, but was still driveable. Our concept was to show the car driving through Central London, but attracting a lot of attention from pedestrians and other road users. We would then reveal the reason for all the interest was because the car was in fact the cutaway, which had been driven like a normal car.

Although the cutaway was driveable, it was not road legal and therefore could not be used on public roads, and due to the suspension setup, could not be driven on rough tarmac. We only needed to use the cutaway car for the final reveal shot, and decided to shoot a normal production version of car for all the London scenes, rather than putting the cutaway on a trailer.


Nissan Europe/ Proud Robinson

The Content Arena

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Iain May

Nissan Leaf – YouTube Content

Director Iain May worked with the camera tracking car team to ensure that all the shots were framed as if we were shooting the cutaway car, so viewers would only see the full side of the car and sections of the front and rear quarters. The pedestrian shots were mostly real, with two additional reactions filmed separately to add variety to the edit. The final scene was shot outside the Queen’s Stand at Epsom Downs racecourse, with the cutaway car being revealed in one continuous jib shot.

Post-production was led by Leigh Brooks who edited the film, with sound design from Pete Rolls and picture tidy up from Jason Harding.

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