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Business, Economy, International and Domestic


To produce multiple films for SriLankan Airlines showcasing their new Business and Economy products to domestic and international audiences. The deliverables included two television commercials and two brand films for social channels and external comms.

What we did

Our creative approach was built around visualising the award-winning service that defines SriLankan Airlines and the product offering with a high-quality, styled look and feel comparable to other carriers.
For the commercials, our concept was to use individual passenger’s parallel experiences in and out of the aircraft – for example a passenger reclining in a flat-bed seat and then reclining in a hammock on a beach.
In the brand films, we concentrated on shooting specific product features and augmenting the visuals with animated text overlays which became part of the frame. These text overlays were then re-versioned in multiple languages including Mandarin, Japanese and German for use in targeted, local markets.
We knew time with the aircraft would be limited and the filming environment is particularly challenging both technically and physically, so we casted most of the passengers remotely and planned as much of the shoot as possible with the Director and DoP.
The aircraft scenes were shot over three days and the locations were shot over three days. Post-production for all the films was completed in two weeks at our London facilities, with subsequent local language versions delivered as requested from the client.


Leo Burnett/ SriLankan Airlines

The Content Arena

Social / Branded / Motion Graphics / Commercials


Nigel Simpkiss

Sri Lankan Airlines

Product films

Business Class product film

This film concentrates on the Business Class cabin of the new A330-300

In particular the herringbone seating layout, which allows single-aisle access. The new seats fully recline into flat beds and there are additional facilities including Wi-Fi and seat power. The film required day and night-time lighting setups and used plenty of depth of field and in-camera lens flare to reinforce the high-quality feel of the visuals. Text overlays were designed to be part of the frame and subtle rather than a visual distraction.


Economy Class product film

The economy product film needed to highlight the spacious nature of the cabin, legroom and on-board service.

We used high-frame rates to slow down movement and a cinematic grade to soften the pictures to create a gentle overall feel to the visuals. The text overlays were again designed to fit in the frame and when these were translated into different languages, we made sure the copy was laid out in the same way to maintain the subtlety.

Commercial TV Ads

International TV ad

This film features five different passenger moments on-board the new SriLankan Airlines A330-300.

The scenes involve a mixture of daytime and night-time so lighting was key, with daylight hours being lit outside the aircraft and for night time, we added soft lighting to the on-board LED system. The street festival was put together purely for the commercial and features an elephant, fifty street dancers and fire-eaters.

Domestic TV Commercial

Instead of a meal service we featured the afternoon tea service,

For the domestic market commercial, the format was the same as the international film, but with some different scenes which would be more suitable for the target audience.The tea servive, for example, is an important cultural reference within Sri Lanka

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