Acast Access Explainer


This short animation is a simple explainer, produced for the podcast company Acast. It’s a 2D character animation with music, a voiceover and sound design. We had limited time and budget, but managed to turn the video around in just one week. We created a detailed storyboard to prevent wastage in the animation process, and the job was completed on time with careful planning and our experience of knowing how long things take to produce.

Producer: Des Paul
Animator: Jason Harding
Audio: Pete Rolls

The brief

The brief from Acast was to create a short, animated explainer video to show onboarding for the ‘Acast Access’ product. The video needed to be a mix of character animation telling the story, screenshots of the product and its features, and motion graphics to highlight the key moments. We knew that time was tight, so we worked with Acast on editing the script first and then created a detailed storyboard for the animators to work on.

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