Iain MayDirector of Photography

    Want Some Media – Team Member


    Iain has been part of WSM since day one, having known Des from their South Coast days at Power FM and Meridian. Iain’s IMDB page lists him as most well known for his work on Top Gear, which is an understatement, as he was one of the core team responsible for setting the benchmark in how cars were filmed, both on the track and with the epic specials including the North Pole. Iain will always get the shot whether literally on the edge of a cliff or balanced on a roof, and he leads WSM’s automotive photography. Iain has also custom-built two tracking cars including a Russian Arm, which allow us to us to film at speed and from any angle.

    WSM credits include Nissan Wingsuits (IVCA winner), Nissan Half-Leaf, Ford World RX



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